MCA Membership


Membership in MCA provides you access to a statewide network of counselors willing to share their expertise to help you advance your career.  When you join MCA, you automatically join a region.  You also have the ability to join divisions that reflect your area of practice and interests.  MCA and its regions and divisions provide educational opportunities for you to help meet your continuing education requirements.  MCA also offers ethics training which can be used to meet the requirements for licensure.

MCA represents the interests of the counseling community at the state capitol through its Day on the Hill.  The participation of members in this activity makes the message from MCA more personal and helps drive our agenda with the legislature.

MCA members receive The Journal of Counseling Research and Practice and our quarterly newsletter, The Compass.

To join MCA as a new member click here.

If you are already a member and would like to renew your MCA membership click here.

To encourage students who are studying counseling to participate in all that MCA has to offer, we have a student membership.  You must be a full time student to join as a student member.  Click here for the student member application.

MCA also offers Retired membership to counselors who have completely retired from the profession.  Click here to join as a retired member.