Mary Bess Pannel 

President 2021 – 2022

This year I am looking forward to reconnecting, renewing, and refocusing relationships and connections with the incredible members of the Mississippi Counseling Association. Serving as the 2021-2022 MCA president provides me with a front row seat to reconnect, renew, and refocus my own professional aspirations and it has only deepened my sense of honor in serving in the role. The development of this year’s conference theme was based on the obvious factors of the need to return to the fundamentals of being helping professionals – connecting and focusing on human relationships.

A call to action! Advocacy of our professional identity should be on every counseling professional’s agenda! The importance to advocating has never been greater. Mental health awareness is a hot topic in our society and counselors should be leading the charge in education and awareness. I charge each MCA member to the challenge of stepping up and stepping into the role of advocate. I encourage all MCA members to connect with region and divisions officers and focus on the needs and goals within each local community. Start developing or renewing these relationships – as I am confident every MCA member can make a difference, not only for the populations we serve but for the counseling profession.

The Mississippi Counseling Association at its core is based on the fundamentals of human relationships. It is my hope that you will reconnect, renew, and refocus through various events and opportunities; this includes the MCA fall conference, region and division workshops, MCA Day at the Mississippi State Capitol, to name a few. Thank you for your commitment and support of MCA. MCA’s future is BRIGHT – the counseling profession in Mississippi shines even brighter!