Journal of Counseling Research and Practice

The Journal of Counseling Research and Practice (JCRP) is supported by the Mississippi Counseling Association (MCA) for the purpose of promoting professional growth and enhancing the skills of professional counselors.  The primary goals of the journal are to: (1) enhance research and scholarly pursuits, (2) promote best practices among professional counselors, and (3) share creative and innovative strategies.  The editors of the JCRP invite counselor educators, practitioners, and counseling education students to submit manuscripts that meet the qualifications below:
  1. Research and Theory
  2. Innovative Practices/Current Issues
  3. Multicultural Issues
  4. Graduate Student Works

Research and Theory

Manuscripts in this area must describe original research on topics pertaining to counseling.  This section will host a variety of topics that include both quantitative and qualitative inquiry. 

Innovative Practice/Current Issues

Manuscripts in this area must provide thorough descriptions of techniques, strategies, skills, and activities that have been developed and/or implemented by counselors in practice.

Multicultural Issues

Manuscripts in this area must include research, innovative approaches, and current issues that address multicultural populations that include race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and socio-economic status.

Graduate Student Works

Manuscripts in this area must include written works that include original research that is conducted during graduate training.


Issues of the JCRP

Volume 6, Number 1

Volume 5, Number 1 

Volume 4, Number 1 

Volume 3, Number 1


Publication Guidelines

APA Guidelines (7th edition) should be followed throughout for format and citations. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of references, tables, and figures. Manuscripts should be no more than 25 pages in length, including references, tables, and figures.


A separate first page of the document should include the title, author(s) name, and institutional affiliation of all authors (if not affiliated with an institution, city and state should be listed).


Please include an abstract describing the article in 50-100 words.

Submission Guidelines

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically to Dr. Gloria Dansby-Giles at  as an email attachment using Microsoft Word. The submitted work must be the original work of the authors that have not been previously published or is currently under review for publication elsewhere. The Journal of Counseling Research and Practice retains the copyright of any published manuscripts. Client/Research Participants’ anonymity must be protected, and authors must avoid using any identifying information in describing participants.

All manuscripts are initially reviewed by the editor with acceptable manuscripts sent to additional reviewers of the editorial board. Reviewer comments, suggestions, and recommendations will be sent to the authors. Authors and reviewers remain anonymous throughout the review process.