MS School Counselor Association

Officers 2022 - 2023

President:  Amanda Winburn

Vice President:  Teandrea Jones

Past President:  Heather Norton

Secretary:  Candice Allison

Treasurer:  Alana Fairley

Elementary VP:  Aimee Kohnee

Secondary VP:  Jennifer Box

Post-Secondary VP:  Capri Brooks 

President's Letter

Good day, fellow school counselors,
I hope this message finds everyone well and your school year off to a good start.  
We all know how valuable professional school counselors are within the school systems in Mississippi and throughout the nation.  Elementary, Middle, and High School Counselors and other specialty areas such as vocational counselors are often a lifeline for children who are struggling in these troubling times.  From social unrest to the pandemic to serious mental health issues including depression and anxiety, the students' counselors speak to each day often have no one else in their lives that they can rely on.  
As I begin my new term as President of the Mississippi School Counseling Association, I want to highlight our vision for the association and ask that each of you consider what part you might be able to play as we move through the next year.  This year's vision for our MCA conference is Reconnect, Renew, and Refocus. While our communities continue to face serious challenges, we as counselors need to be able to assist our students and families to be able to adjust and adapt to the changes, we have experienced over the last 18 + months.  The MSCA Leadership team is committed to supporting and advocating for Mississippi School Counselors through efforts such as:
  • Continuing Education
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Membership Engagement
Our goal is to ensure that all Mississippi School Counselors have access to the resources and training needed. Provide our members' connections to other school counselors, along with continuing to be a strong advocate for our students and our profession.  We have a great deal of work ahead of us.  I look forward to working with you over the next two years, hearing your concerns, and spending time with you at the 2021 conference.
Best Regards,



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Congratulations to Candie Garrison and Megan Kappenman of Hernando Middle School on being the 5th school in the state of Mississippi to earn the RAMP distinction!  Who's next? 
Mississippi Ramp Winners Candie Garrison and Megan Kappenman


Twenty-five school counselors from Mississippi were present for the ASCA National Conference in Denver, Colorado.  Pictured below left to right are:
Melissa Windham, Michelle Cresap, Paulette Edwards, Crystal Brewer, Lori Parker, Heather Norton, Brooke Jenkins,  and Eddie Burgo.

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