MCA Fall Virtual Conference

November 11 - 13, 2020

Celebrating Seventy Years Together:

Honoring the Past, Treasuring the Present, Shaping the Future

Conference Registration is closed.


For Registered Attendees only, Virtual Conference Instructions.


Directions for MCA Conference Registration 

Proceed to the MCA website.  MCA updated the website in March, and you must clear your browser history for Memberclicks.  The website is the same link, but if your browser goes automatically to that you will be in the old site.  Your membership must be current at the time of conference to allow you to register.  Please sign in and check/renew your membership first; if it expires before November 13, you will need to renew. 

  • Click on the conference registration page and drop down to registrations.  It will be on the front page as well as the conference page.
  •  Member prices are $65, Student prices $35 and Non-Member $200. 
  •  When you click on the link the system will instruct you to sign in if you are a member. 
  •  MCA will be using contactless payment.  You may use a Visa, Mastercard or Discover.  MCA does not accept American Express.
  • Once registration is complete an email will be sent to the email of record in your profile and invite you to look at the MCA Learning Management System.  You will also get an automatic invoice that shows the amount paid. 
  • NEW THIS YEAR:  As you complete each session you will complete the evaluation and then be able to print your own certificate.  I will email a form from Mississippi College for those who need CEUs for MDE.
  • NEW THIS YEAR:  Two days before the conference you will get a reminder email to go to the Learning Management System (LMS) and sign in to see if you have a good connection.  Each morning of the conference you will sign into the LMS (not the MCA website) and see the sessions for that day.  At the correct time, the system will allow you into the Zoom room. 
  • NEW THIS YEAR:  This is a new system for MCA and for you.  If you have any problems or questions, the quickest way for me to check your file is by email so I have a record to follow up and reply to you.    Remember, I am here for the members if MCA and any non-members who wish to register as a guest.

[email protected]