2018 MCA Fall Conference Registration

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Fall Conference Registration Information and link

This year all conference registration will be handled online or onsite onlyI know many of you have questions, so I am going to answer as many as I possibly can.

 What does conference registration include? 

Full Conference Registration includes:

  • All program materials
  • Admission to all conference sessions
  • NEW:  Luncheon Wednesday and Thursday.  Awards will be presented in Thursday morning General Session. 

  • Admission to the President’s reception
  • Admission to buffet luncheon on Wednesday and Thursday
  • All conference breaks

One Day registration

On Wednesday or Thursday includes all program materials, admission to all conference sessions and a buffet luncheon.  If you attend Wednesday you can also attend the President’s Reception.  One day registrations will be handled onsite only.

How do I pay for my registration online?   

MCA will accept

  • PayPal
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Purchase orders with number and correct billing address
  • Checks.  Your check must  be mailed to the MCA office within five days or your registration is incomplete.
  •  If your check is not received within 5 business days you are not registered. 


Early Bird Registration requirements are the same.

With online registration you must complete the registration by the deadlines established, otherwise you may find that your registration is not considered early bird.  

Payment by check must be made within 5 business days or you will automatically roll to the regular registration.


Can membership be paid at the same time with a Purchase Order? 

NO, you will need a separate purchase order for membership?

I need a completed membership form for each member.  Please make sure your business office sends your membership form with the purchase order.  Otherwise there may be confusion at registration during conference.  Please keep a copy of the Purchase order and your membership form for you records just in case.  

Hint, if you pay your own membership, online is the best way


Can my district use the one Purchase Order for all the counselors at my school or district?

YES, but each counselor must complete the online form individually for their registration.  All the counselors, can use the same P.O. number on their registration.


Can I mail my registration to the MCA Office?  If you do this you will treated at the onsite price.  Online registration is to ensure we have correct information that only you can put into the computer, so MCA can ensure you get your continuing education hours much sooner than in the past.

Does Non-member rate include a free year of membership?

No, that  was a limited promotional offer to recruit members that has since ended.

…Please avoid the lines and higher prices by registering early and make sure your membership is updated. 




If you still have questions email the MCA office at [email protected]


Fall Conference Registration Rates

(Includes a: program materials, admission to all conference sessions and one ticket for president’s reception and a buffet lunch Wednesday and Thursday).

MCA Member Rates (dues must be current at time of conference)

Until Sept. 10

Sept. 11- Oct 28

 After Oct 28

Regular Member




 Retired Member




Student Member (Full time counseling student as defined by university.)




Non-Member Rates Including Students, who are not student members of MCA







One Day Registration Includes the information listed below for the day registered.


(Includes a: program materials, admission to all conference sessions and one ticket for president’s reception and a buffet lunch Wednesday and Thursday dependent on day registered.  Cost Members $150   Non-Members $200

For a registration form for one day email [email protected]