MCAA Forms Crisis Team

The MCAA is forming a Crisis Tream to assist in schools when there is a need.  These retired counselors will be available any time and will serve at their own expense.  They are trained in crisis counseling and have assisted in various types of crisis situations in the schools of Mississippi many times.  They will also have refresher training during each calendar year.
MCAA Crisis Team contact information is: Jane Dykes 479 Brookstone Drive Madison, MS 39110 Home: 601-898-1839 Cell: 601-954-7146



The mission of the Mississippi Counseling Alumni Association is to assist MIssissippi Counseling Association regions, divisions, interest sections, committees, and elected officers in meeting the needs of the Mississippi Counseling Association.


  1. To encourage retired counselors to become active members of the Mississippi Counseling Alumni Association.
  2. To generate funds for the Janie G. Rugg Scholarship
  3. To serve as mentors for new counselors
  4. To help perpetuate the history of the Mississippi Counseling Association
  5. To provide assistance at the annual conference
  6. To advocate for the counseling profession and the Mississippi Counseling Association